Otherworldly Serenity


I promised in my blog I would write my first memoir of “The Hunt”, of my past expeditions…. When you first read the title you’re going to think this is one of those blogs telling us they don’t even care if they found the treasure just being outside in the nature was a treasure enough and gave me a spiritual, tranquil feeling…. Otherworldly Serenity

Wrong..!!!!!   NOT THIS BLOG

Even though I have seen some beautiful scenery that I would never of seen if I wasn’t looking for the Bronze Chest … The title only means something I found on my last trip .. An Indiana Jones moment and those are the words that best described the Relic I found and I even have suspected video footage of the Treasure Chest and found a long-lost Indian ceremonial ground I call Area 51!!!…

Ahaaaaaa… Got your ATTENTION…..and don’t cheat and look at the pics below until you read the memoir just like Fenn’s poem from top to bottom or from the Mountain tops to the river beds…ff style so to speak

And let’s all be honest… Anyone who says they are not doing this for the Fame or Fortune or both is talking out of the hind end of one of Fenn’s mules… Sure there are some people who would donate some to certain charities and like myself if I found it there is a lot of churches and person(s) and organizations that I would gladly give money to for them to succeed because they helped me or I believe in what they stand for etc…

And I do see where it can create a bond with family, kids, and friends to go exploring in the wilderness and get away from the White Noise we have gotten so use too and took so much for granted by having ( it ) delivered to us by just a push of a button – Anyway off the soapbox and on to “The Hunt”

My Searcher name is 1idwillhe I grew up with Goonies.. ( Hey you Guys !!!)  and Indiana Jones my name like in the movie Goonies…an anagram if you will…. one-eyed Willie is the Pirate who died with his treasure and made a map and a riddle so others could find it later …


Me and My Youth

As kids when winter was here we would walk on the river and creeks that were frozen solid this way we could explore more area without pushing thru all the vegetation like in spring.. Sometimes one of us would accidentally break thru the ice with our snow boots and get freezing wet and cold the others would laugh but at the same time glad we all did not fall in the frigid water. You can cover twice as much ground with no trees or grass or weeds around you.

In springtime and summer we would build forts and make knives and spears out of farming chisel plow teeth and railroad spikes we found on the tracks. I liked this old golf club with no head on it, when swinging it, came the sound of a ninjas sword cutting the air. We Stayed up all night building huge fires and catching frogs for night catfishing, Maybe even sneaking into the neighbor’s garden or apple tree for a midnight snack .

We would go wandering in the woods with our BB guns pretending of being Mountain Men looking for gold, or big game, a lot of the times we would play Army Snipers like in Vietnam having 2 teams go against each other and if you was caught or shot by the plastic rattle of the toy M-16 or the AR gun sound effects we made with our mouths.. you had to act dead till there was only one person standing then it would decide what team was the winner …one of those kids became a real sniper/Navy Seal and was involved in getting a major terrorist that made world headlines …Soon after… he was sadly shot down months later along with his other comrades due to our governments ignorant rules of putting all of our eggs/talent in one basket and losing a lot of Americas Keepers by one RPG shooting down his helicopter while helping others in a fire fight


Anyway Now I am a 40 something year old guy… still with the need for adventure… I like to hike and fish, but don’t do it every week or even months sometimes….. I am only an average hiker my last big hike was climbing Mt. St. Helens alone and that was kinda freaky but exhilarating at the same time. I started up the trail through the woods for about 2 miles sunny and 75 degrees by the time I made it to the summit 5 hours later I was in a snow storm with 40 mile per hour winds and above most of the clouds. It took a toll on my body especially my knees I realized I didn’t have the proper training for this big of hike and learned the importance of the walking stick to ease the shock of stepping up and down the trail. Sometimes if you were off the main trail you had to jump over crevices 30 feet deep even tho they were not very wide if you fell accidentally you would never be found. Occasionally other hikers met me on the path galloping quickly up or down saying hi for a brief second and then gone again. Once in a while we would talk and take a break with one another, taking pictures with each others cameras of the scenic view and to show our friends and family we actually did this. A lot of them had accents from other countries visiting Washington State just to hike this hibernating volcano that erupted May 18th, 1980..

It is a whole new atmosphere up there another world maybe that is why you see snow on some mountains even in the summer time and made me realize how small us humans really are.



I am a Tool and Die, Machinist, World Traveler, Inventor, Bartender, Welder, Web Designer, Programmer, Poker Player, last but not least A Treasure Hunter type guy by trade and love nature and wildlife… I wish I could say I get a lot of fresh air and do hikes every week but truthfully it comes rarely but always up for a challenge… I love the outdoors but don’t get to be in it as much as I want to due to the everyday stress of life.


My Motto: You Only Live Once (Y.O.L.O.) and you write your own Memoirs;

Boring or Exciting…

I have been on other treasure hunts which has been on the news years back, where a guy wrote children’s books, with poems and drawings in it, and gave hints and clues to expensive custom-made insect replica jewelry made of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, gold, and rubies etc… hidden throughout the USA in parks and nature areas.

So after hearing of this guy who was a Famous Art Dealer that hid a Roman Chest filled with Gold and Jewels… That got my attention !!

O Can-a-da  canadastamp

My first encounter with the Great Outdoors was at age 14 when my best friend Andy asked me to canoe the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota with his uncle and 2 cousins from Wisconsin. We would be guided by 2 guys in their early 30’s that were kind of religious chaperones that knew the area, and taught us to survive out in the woods. His uncle was a pastor and this trip was supposed to be a spiritual awakening showing us what god has created and how beautiful it can be. We would row into Canada and look at some Indian petroglyphs along a cliff within the lake. We had to haul the canoes on our backs across many rods/yards to each different lake. We also had to carry all our gear and food with us for the week, the water, god furnished it the clean water was in the middle of the lake, and always in the middle of the lake which is safe for drinking, getting water near the edge you would feel ill like drinking the water from Mexico at a bad cantina from bacteria and E.coli. And talk about cold waters, I still haven’t experience that cold of waters now at even 40. This was hard work not easy at all I think we all became men that summer.

The one time that hooked me to the beauty of the outdoors was when we paddled into Canada and camped on a rock island in the middle of this big lake. Just got done eating and laying back on our sleeping bags staring at the gigantic black night sky with trillions of stars, hundreds of galaxies and a hint of greenish haze of Northern Lights. I have looked up there many times but when you have towns, vehicles, or street lights nearby stealing its grand view of the pitch of darkness it robs you of the heavens above.

While in awe it happens… a 2 hour-long meteor shower hits right over us we look at each other and smile not saying a word and continued watching this phenomenon for the first time.. for this Iowa boy it was magic like someone playing a marble game overhead… Us boys were in total bliss.

Doing that canoe trip I was hooked I knew my passion was being outdoors . Once I got older I would organize fishing trips into Canada. Sometimes it was just me and another friend or relative, but one year we had a full crew and that was a blast. We all stayed in this huge cabin that could hold 16 guys if needed all equipped with a fridge, stove, sink, fireplace, the utilities that needed electricity was adapted to LP because we was out in the Boonies and no such power was available.

My friend Bruce who looked like a mountain man with long hair and a gray handlebar mustache that hanged down passed his chin. He lived in Iowa in the winter but him and his family owned land near Ignace and Upsala Ontario near English River. They had 4 cabins and building another that year he would move up to the resort mid-April and come back in October. He offered fishing for Walleye and Northerns and Bear and Moose Hunts. These were the days I got use to logging roads, up in Canada each good lake you have to travel 15 miles of rough riding logging roads eventually you get pissed off going so slow and eating Bruce’s dust from his truck guiding ahead by day 2 you don’t give a crap if you scratch the sides of your vehicle from the evergreens or damage your shocks or even blow a tire.. it was hammer time the faster you go the more rocks you skip over which remarkably gave you a smoother ride.

One time Bruce loaned us his half red half rusty F-150 Ranger that he put over 150,000 miles on it and these were tough miles and all the scrapes and dents on the body proved it… I am not even sure the 4×4 worked but he did have a monster winch in front that he claimed got him out of a lot of hairy situations. He told us about this good Northern lake that had boats already there from a bear hunt earlier in the week, he said take the beast the Ford and hed down there. That was awesome because we didn’t have to haul boats and motors with our vehicles and that would save us a little gas so we can stay more at camp than traveling back into town for fuel. And we was itching for a mighty Pike 6 of us guys piled in the cab and box of the truck driving to the secret spot and singing in the woods to the cassette tape of the Kentucky Headhunters “Spirit in the Sky” A few miles from arriving at the fishing spot we stumbled upon some black bears a mother and her 3 cubs. They all froze looking our way like we were some kind of aliens bellowing to that awful commotion off the radio and us trying to sing along. The bears shaking their heads while they ran for the trees.

Those summer Canada nights with the smell of evergreens in the air were awesome, we would tell stories, laugh, and eat fresh fish or my famous Chili while drinking Labatts Blue Light 6 guys 10 cases of beer 4 days and no hangover, I always thought it was because of the abundance of clean oxygen from the vast forest of Ontario.

In Canada one of the practical jokes I would like to play is Bruce had a dog named “Hey You” a gray hound and if you were new to fishing here and didn’t know any better you would think Bruce was talking to you or himself and then I would play along while both of us was just talking to the dog “Hey You” “Get Over here” “Hey You” “ Are you hungry” finally I would tell my fishing buddy victim that” Hey You” was the dog’s name.. Good times…. Lol



So as you see I have a passion for fishing also years later I would go to Cancun and try my luck Ocean fishing catching Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, and big Sailfish. Cancun is beautiful and especially around non springbreaker times and I really liked the looks of the jungle around the outskirts of Mexico; outside the tourist area. One afternoon we took a day trip to Tulum with ancient ruins still there.. it was 100 degrees but it was still fascinating to me just trying to envision hundreds of Aztecs and Mayans inhabiting this area. They said this use to be a trading place where Spaniards would drive their ships near the beach and come to shore to trade guns, spices, and liquors for gold, jewels, and hides .. This beach is still one of the most gorgeous sands I have seen and the year before they had a Sports Illustrated Swimming Suit Edition shoot here and the beach made the cover of the magazine. All these experiences made me what I am today the need to travel see the world and its new customs and partake in its adventures – Y.O.L.O.

Just like searching for an Ancient Roman Bronze Chest named Indulgence…and the need to find a good fishing hole and catch some Brown/Rainbow Trout..

The Hunt

This year I went to New Mexico and went to the area that I found unique clues that no one has talked about on any blog, interview, or website about the location of Home of Brown; I Scoped out the territory within the week i was allowed due to my remaining vacation days and my work place being slow in production and found some interesting data of the lay of the land and terrain,….


On my first trip in August after doing extensive research we arrived at the locale I wanted to check first. We went down a well-known trail and scoured the country side along the river trying to piece the poem and the location together, The sun was hot and it was sucking the water out of our bodies without my cousin or I even knowing about it, we thought we brought a lot of water for each of us… but as the day went on, little did I know my cousin wouldn’t feel good and he started getting dizzy I had him sit down in a shaded area under a tree and told him to cool down with the cold water from the river.

We was down in the canyon and the day was about to turn to night and we had a good hour of climbing back to the top. I learned some valuable lessons that day on how the Wilderness could NOT be your friend. In my blog I persist on telling new hikers to bring plenty of water with them. Luckily after relaxing in the wind and shade and drinking the last of the water he felt better and we both made it out just after dark.

Another valuable lesson I stress to Fenn Fanatics – Keep an open mind sometimes you have to let go of your Solve, It might not be the correct Home of Brown or Where Warm Waters Halt or even the right Blaze they might actually fit the puzzle and poem and you think it has to be it.

Then you need to step back !! Look at the situation, don’t use up valuable energy searching at that specific area all day;.. and always make sure your out of harms way, still have water and time to make it to camp or safety before dark …if needed go back the next day and continue searching.

The next day I wanted to hit this special trail, it rained overnight and we checked out the road prior to the day before. While driving to the trail, I noticed the roads were getting ruts in them and it was getting greasy.. Eventually we made it to the canyon and started walking down the trail when I noticed my boots getting heavier from the mud and just a few feet in front of me was this huge paw from a Mountain Lion or something big… it was the size of my fist and sunk in the mud a half of an inch meaning it was heavy and large… Kurt said I don’t want to tangle with a lion or be his lunch we only had a .22 cal pistol which would have probably just tickled the cat.


I agreed and thought we would hit it the next day which would allow the sun to dry up the trail and make it easier to walk down to the river and canyon. I had another location in mind it was farther away but fits 3 hints in the book.. we drove the white bomber down a level B road and wishing I rented a jeep as we bounced back and forth on a mud road with bowling ball sized rocks used for fill. Now I know why the local cattlemen and loggers have these expensive full-size trucks in the area.

An hour later while my kidneys were numb we made it to the spot and walked to edge of the cliff looking for a trail nearby and found nothing. Getting out the spotting scope I notice a few bends along the river a weird rock formation staring at me. My mind was hearing “Who Who – who who” yes it was a magnificent owl shaped rock with big eyes looking up at us, The day was getting late and the road was getting rougher, I am sure there was a trail nearby but daylight was not on my side and I decided to come back with a high clearance 4×4 vehicle.

The last day of the August trip we rose up early in the morning to hit that spot hard, trying to find a trail that Mr. Fenn could easily hike down to the canyon floor. Driving to the area we stopped at a scenic lookout to see if anything pops out at us and then while walking back to the car.. Kurt noticed it.. A big gouge in the sidewall of our front tire.. Damn it I yelled!!.. I knew there is rarely anyone able to fix a tire, let alone get a new tire in the area. I told Kurt we were screwed and won’t be able to find “How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll of a tootsie roll pop”?? – slang for heading to location of Owl rock formation – we now had to head back to town base camp and see if anyone has a tire and install it on the car before we leave home early the next morning.

Thank god.. the tire held its air 20 miles till town and we found a shanty garage hidden behind a motel the guy was huge, looking like one of ZZ Tops brother with overalls I thought to myself if he can’t do it we would have to travel to Taos on a donut tire… The guy was real nice took out his cell phone with a credit card scanner attached to it… dusted off his computer and ordered us a tire that was being delivered their first thing in the morning.

We left the car there overnight and walked back to base camp and had a few cocktails with the locals going over our trip in our heads wishing we had more time…

While discouraged traveling back home to Iowa and thinking of the vast territory I realized we need More Eyeballs to find the blaze, My cousin and I isn’t enough people to search in this grand locale – I’d rather split the riches with a dozen or fewer people than go home empty again…

I started this Blog to find other Searchers or Partners behind the Scenes to be part of the Team that Solves the Puzzle and gives Forrest his Bracelet Back !!!

I have 4 areas that fit the poem all in the same location i am certain it is in one of them but we need searchers to track this blaze..

Fenn said so himself, he knows people was within 200 feet and never found it –

And I think I know where and don’t want to be another person walking by it

The Video

Feeling pissed off about not accomplishing all the trails and scenic spots on the August trip. Especially the one with the paw print and not getting down seeing the owl up close had me biting my fingernails with eagerness to make one small trip before winter…

One thing I know I need is more eyeballs or other searchers helping us look for that darn Blaze. In these wide open spaces locating a blaze in which you don’t know what that blaze is a “F” or petroglyphs on rocks or trees, white or orange object or rock formations or a bronze jar or Cairn on top of ordinary rocks who knows??…. How am I going to search all this territory with acres of hiding spots galore?… Which I think is the location??

Then while looking at Dal’s site it hit me… Create my own blog… and make a resume application asking other searchers, hikers, enthusiasts, puzzle-solvers to join forces and create a one of a kind team with certain expertise that will help in any situation…

We all sign a contract to keep it fair and give updates to members who can’t travel with us at the time on Facebook and my website….

So off to WordPress and I started creating my website, September was here and fall was starting to change the leaves of the trees and here in Iowa farmers were harvesting their corn and beans and in the back of my mind I still wanted to head back to New Mexico before winter but thought it would have to wait till 2017 and then I saw it… Doing some research…. I saw the bronze chest in a video I have… My heart started racing and I felt my blood pressure sky-rocket, it was here all the time I bet I watched that clip 100 times and never noticed it…

I looked around to see if anybody saw me smiling and laughing in a mischievous way… I kept my secret for a few days and analyzed the video and area it was in and even compared the size with some trout swimming near it that I copied and pasted next to it for reference.



I showed my girlfriend and few others that I trusted and got their opinion … what does that look like? Some didn’t even know I was looking for a treasure chest and said it looks like a box in the water… I said Precisely !!!… as they looked at me in a dumbfounded way thinking why are you showing me this?

Well that decided it … I told my girlfriend, family, and work I am heading back to New Mexico very soon before winter. I had to check out that area and claim Fenn’s Trove before the snow and ice come and spring of 2017 brings high waters… So I planned the next few weeks ahead, changing and switching  some dates.. because I am a proud Godfather of 2 boys my sister has and had a baptism on a prior date that I forgot … so i decided to go before I was leaving to the Bahamas on a cruise with my GF she was not very happy.. But understood I had to go.

Kurt was onboard and we set a guaranteed date leaving Thursday night after work and drive all night 16 hours later we would arrive at the destination and start hiking that morning.

Kurt and I taking turns driving and getting little cat naps now and then knowing the morning will bring on a big hike to where we saw a big cats paw and we hope he wasn’t napping there. This time I was smart and retired the white bomber and rented a SUV with higher clearance than my car. This rental made driving to the canyon a breeze with dry roads and small ruts. It was a sunny cool day mid 60s perfect for claiming the prize and hoping the chest is still there.

After an hour hiking we made it to the area and knew the last few hundred feet will be hectic trekking thru 8ft tall grass and bushes and a few boulders the size of VW Beetles. The river was moving fast and I prayed it was still there I had my metal detector and waterproof boots on ready for the challenge..

Kurt stayed behind with the walkie-talkie and I ventured another 100 more feet trying to match my laminated picture with the real location of this beautiful marvel gaze view and finally,…… I found it.

But… I don’t see the box anymore I was on the opposite side so i looked for a shallow place to cross the river and get a closer look 15 min. later upstream I saw a place and I braved the cold toward the woods on the other side and BOY was it cold !!! – Remember don’t try this at home I looked for a shallow spot not wanting to get carried away by High waters, I took my time and used my walking stick for stability and checking for deep holes walking slowly across…

Well I was already wet so once on the other side I stayed near the water’s edge and looked for the box shape in the picture, it could not be found… But there was a bigger rock near it that may have been it in the clip the water was above the shape in the video which from a higher zoomed angle from a camera made it look smaller…Crap !

I did take my metal detector to the area and did get some beeps but no chest thinking after all these years rocks may have piled on top of it and buried it or someone else took it…

Oh well at least now I know it is not there and I can sleep at night.. Time to look at Option Area #2 . Leaving the area I took a short cut on a downed tree around the annoying tall grass looking in the rock crevices along the way. We made it back to the top of the canyon and hed back to base camp to get ready for Location #2 the next day.


Water levels were low that revealed rock that looked similar to chest underwater

The Relic

Day 2 of our short weekend trip we are leaving tomorrow and driving all day so I can make it to work on Monday… Area #2 is a new trail I haven’t been on yet I wanted to do in August but ran out of time its steep but not very long in length and think it could be right up Fenn’s alley of a one afternoon trip hike.. Driving near Taos we arrived at the gorgeous surroundings we quickly grabbed our backpacks and started down the canyon. Just a few yards down the path a Rattle Snake came across my lane and coiled up looking at me … hissing at me telling me don’t go down this trail Evil lurks below… Hind sight 22…. Kurt said I will stay up top… he is petrified of snakes, I called him a Wuss and pushed the snake toward the bushes and walked down the path.


The trail is not kept in shape and had a lot of loose rock and pebbles on it, one wrong slip and down head first into the canyon… Maybe the snake was telling me something???

Half way down the cliff I saw a pathway stretch off the trail slightly I investigated it and noticed a bench carved in the side of the cliff staring at the other side of the cliff and waters below..

I thought cool and sat down had a drink of water looking at the Marvel Gaze. Eventually I made down the trail and next to the water’s edge Where that darn 8ft tall grass was…again this grass or bush has half-inch diameter wood stalks so you can get on your knees and see the path but if you stand up walking all you see is leaves and hear the roar of the river nearby.. I walked slowly bent over and made out some rabbit paths which got me to the water’s edge and what a view!!!

I found some cool beaches and made a video of some rushing water of High loads, I bet the fishing is great here… Kurt chimed in later on the talkie asking if I made it all right I said yes.. you Wuss.. I should be back up shortly, I explored a few hundred yards downstream and then I see it…AAAAAAhhhAAAAAhhhhh… A scary Female statue or Buddha just sitting all by herself looking at the calm peaceful waters looking spiritual and tranquil minding her own business.. Suddenly I have the theme song to Indiana Jones in my head… Dundada da Dun da dahh…. Dundada da DunDun Dun da dahhh….

I held that cast object in my hand and thought of the Temple of Doom where all those zombie like India guys were possessed by evil if you look close she has a cutoff hand and little heads for a necklace a gold nose ring and a wicked tattoo scar on her forehead and what looks like blood on her lips.. it don’t get any weirder than that…I put it back not wanting bad Karma or DID I HMMMMM ???…


Update: After doing research on this statue it was not a Buddha but a Black Magic Hindu God named Kali.. I found this out by being on the Carnival Cruise ship when leaving for the Bahamas a few weeks later, there are a lot of foreigners around the world work on these ships for 7 months at a time. I asked some of the people from India and they said it was Kali she is a powerful entity and works in evil ways. They told me to not even touch it because myths even claim you will be under her power and have bad luck . They was shocked where I told them I found it and claimed that is not a normal place where Kali would be worshiped.


While heading back thru the tall grass I lost my way and ended upstream from the entry of the trail .. the bad luck was already beginning… I started climbing the cliff to get above this NBA basketball team tall grass and hopefully spot the trail, when I stumbled upon a cave that might have been used for hunters or fisherman or Indians of long ago, I explored it awhile noticing a concealed fire pit and looked over the field of tall grass to where I thought I walked pass the trail for the climb up…

Climbing down that ledge of the cliff which gave me the birds eye view of where I need to be…. I remembered the Rattle Snake and hope I wouldn’t put my hand or boot on a rock ledge and get bit… A few minutes later I was back on the ground and pushing my way thru the weeds still thinking of the movie clip in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the black tarantula spiders and webs was all over Indiana and I hoping, praying no spiders land on me or ticks for that matter.

Up the trail I go and made it to the top in good time after a few short water breaks the day was getting hotter and Kurt was up top bored acting brave telling some other girl hikers that there was rattlers down there so be careful. It was early enough to check out my next spot I call Area 51 we hopped in the SUV and headed south to explore this mysterious area.



Area 51 is a unique place while searching from the sky near the OWL rock formation I think I found an Indian ceremonial site or dwellings not on Tribal land and I was going to drive as far as we can and trek the rest of the way to find out what was there definitely looked interesting from the sky.

I don’t think it has nothing to do with the treasure but at the same time I am in the exploring mood and finding some history of Indians of days gone by is just what the doctor ordered for the last day of the trip.

We had to take the long way to get to it which was ok I had fun checking out the small towns of beautiful New Mexico. We crossed the river while driving on those bowling ball roads for an hour and noticed a family of Bighorn sheep on the cliff. Digging my kidneys out of my throat from all the bouncing from ruts and rocks we see the area and looked for some type of road closer to the canyon so we didn’t have to walk so far because the day was about to end. What was uncommon is we actually saw a lot of trucks on this desolate gravel highway, Kurt and I looked at each other and wondered if there was a sale of Kachina dolls somewhere or what?

We had to turn around because the road was taking us away from the location. I was driving a rented 2016 Nissan Rogue and sagebrush scratching the sides would not be good for this new paint job, while turning a big gray truck approached us slowly and a guy heavily armed was staring at us thru his window. I said hi and noticed it was a Game Warden with an Arsenal of guns near him.

I asked why all of the traffic out here in no-mans land of the desert. He said an elk hunt is going on and this is also some logging grounds also. I told him the area I like to be in and he suggested we might want to go back a mile and look for a road near the mountain that will take you closer to the cliffs edge.

He looked at my fancy smancy vehicle and mentioned it might not have enough clearance for some parts of the road. We laughed and was bound determined to see these Indian images I saw from the sky. We hed back a mile and started slowly down this road with low tire tracks in the lane and a high center and you don’t dare drive cockeyed with one tire in the middle hump and one in the tire groove due to the sharp sagebrush sticks scratching your car. I tried going about another ½ mile down the road and realized it’s not worth wrecking the underside of the car and having it look like a psycho ex-girlfriend keying your vehicle that the rental car company owns.

It was getting late and dark in a couple of hours so I swallowed my pride and told Kurt we will have to come back next year with a jeep. Farewell Area 51 I will see you in 2017


Some of the places and events of this story/memoir have remained confidential due to future hunts in 2017… I will be checking a BB gun site location and a “W” location a Hoya location and a Brown Bear Trail, Search again in-depth the Relic Kali area, The Owl Rock Formation and exploring a petroglyph near a hot spring and definitely Area 51

From the words of the Terminator 


If you would like to Join the Team go to my website “The Hunt”

Blog:  Looking 4 a Few Good Men and/or Women

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