Its Time to Conquer this Quest


Ask the Phantom he knows::::::::::

I have been laying dormant almost 2 years now watching how YouTube has helped and ruined this chase, when it comes to money and egos people have short tempers….. I have been studying the clues, poem, ciphers, books, and maps. Trying to get into the head of this intriguing eccentric but down to earth curious man, who is spiritual yet not religious, His body sick but is too stubborn to die,  A trickster yet loyal to his followers, a hero and mountain man but loving husband and dad. He reminds me of my grandpa

He was a ladies man always like to flirt with the cutest girl in the room, hard worker and wasn’t going to give anything free without paying for it or earning it with blood, sweat, or tears and don’t you dare take it as a gift and try to make a quick buck off of it..

in 16, and 17 I was giving this chase a lot of my mind, body, and soul going to bed and waking up to it in my head, went on some crazy beautiful treks over seas and within the Rocky Mountain Boundaries of the Chase. Then I bought a business as a second job and my head shifted gears to concentrate on it making money and how I was going to finance it all …..

The business finally is starting to make money and running by itself, even tho I would take a quick glance at some research or some daily babble on the net. I still had a place in mind which I concentrated on ignoring the other states and searchers who chose differently I knew this is the best solve out their, even tho I had footage of an actual chest in the water …LOL if you read my Memoir #1 you will know what I mean !!!

Now I am going to go get Indulgence because I noticed some searchers are getting close to it.. I should of dropped everything and just went and retrieved it but I wasn’t 100% and that could risk my existing job and new business if I was wrong or couldn’t find it right away …

The next few weeks, month will be interesting I am going to put all my research together, get in shape, and find a second individual or more to bask in the fame.. Too many people have died over this treasure and Fenn isn’t getting any younger or healthier. So once I find it and figure out how to get money out of it without the IRS attacking me and visit Fenn before its too late and give his bracelet back so he can call off this one of kind adventure … I may continue the saga and start my own treasure hunt so my name can live forever even tho I have no kids to pass it on..

If I find it life will be more relaxed and then I can pursue some more adventures. While doing research and vacationing I stumbled upon 2 other possible treasure hunts, one is some Indian ruins which I saw from afar and the other is which 1idwillhe will really like for it is a chest hidden in shallow water out by one of the islands we were snorkeling in …. Stay Tuned for what the future holds ….

I know if you read this you’re going to think he is just another one of the many searchers who thinks they solved the famous Fenn Treasure or maybe I passed away suddenly and this is one of the last things I wrote.. yikes I hope not !!! Mark my words my solve fits all clues and future clues I stumble upon, everything is falling in place which scares me even more I don’t like to toot my horn unless I am right or can back it up with facts unlike some of those wackos out their or fake name searchers who try to steal and scramble answers out of us who do the research .

10 Years Before Swimming Upstream And Yourself Reincorporates Satisfactory Life





Tis the Season.. Christmas Ideas

Christmas time is a fun time for me .. I normally get creative and think of cool ideas for friends and loved ones… One year long time ago I gave my family and friends a gift bag filled with real and fake lottery tickets and one of them tickets you won $10,000 – I would laugh and video tape and watch how excited they would get…Until they read the back and was told to pick the money up at “Yo Mamas House” on the North pole with the tooth fairy and the easter bunny… Yeah I am bit of a prankster.. Don’t get me started on Halloween

I also like coming up with new gift ideas or experiences for my nephews or other kids in my life… Seeing I have no kids of my own, I tend to indulge in being the cool Uncle and come up with something unique.. Here was a few years ago, a video, that they watched on Christmas that I made to go Laser tagging at a place near where we live..

This year I got something else planned… hahahha


Ceres Asteroid.. Treasure There?

I have been watching this story since they told us over a year ago, it has been a phenomenon that something is producing energy and causing a light source that can be viewed from earth using strong telescopes, they sent a satellite near it getting closer each month till December of 2015 to get these amazing pictures. Scientist claim it is salt deposits that are reflecting light, I don’t think so , Salt Lake Utah flats don’t reflect light to outerspace??? As of right now, its all hypothetical until we land a probe near it, Maybe Aliens…or Gold or Silver vein deposits….. Hmmmm


The Loot

Here is some pics of some of the Loot in the Roman Bronze Chest called Indulgence

plus a 2000 year old necklace from Columbia, 17th Century Spaniard Gold Ring with large Emerald, Antique dragon coat bracelet with 254 rubies, 6 emeralds, 2 sapphires and numerous diamonds, Ancient Chinese human faces carved from jade, and a Sealed Jar with a 20,000 word autobiography. Months later, when the chest was almost full, I added two 5” round Pre-Columbian gold “mirrors,” the Tairona fetish necklace, and my revered turquoise row bracelet. Then I closed the lid, and that was that. Now the treasure is hidden in the mountains, patiently  waiting…f