real1idwillhe   My Searcher name is 1idwillhe like in the movie Goonies..( Hey you Guys !!!) The Pirate who died with his treasure and made a map and a riddle to come find it later…. I am a 40 something year old guy… with the need for adventure.. I am only an average hiker my last big hike was climbing Mt. St. Helens alone and that was kinda freaky.. I am a Tool and Die, Machinist, Inventor, Bartender, Welder,Web Designer, Programmer, Poker Player, last but not least A Treasure Hunter type guy by trade and love nature and wildlife… I wish I could say I get a lot of fresh air and do hikes every week but truthfully it comes rarely but always up for a challenge… Are you Ready??

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To find out more about me and why I started this and need people like you !!!