Tis the Season.. Christmas Ideas

Christmas time is a fun time for me .. I normally get creative and think of cool ideas for friends and loved ones… One year long time ago I gave my family and friends a gift bag filled with real and fake lottery tickets and one of them tickets you won $10,000 – I would laugh and video tape and watch how excited they would get…Until they read the back and was told to pick the money up at “Yo Mamas House” on the North pole with the tooth fairy and the easter bunny… Yeah I am bit of a prankster.. Don’t get me started on Halloween

I also like coming up with new gift ideas or experiences for my nephews or other kids in my life… Seeing I have no kids of my own, I tend to indulge in being the cool Uncle and come up with something unique.. Here was a few years ago, a video, that they watched on Christmas that I made to go Laser tagging at a place near where we live..

This year I got something else planned… hahahha


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