Aaarrgghh.. Me found/Won de Treasure

Among the many libraries of research areas I use to help me with the Fenn’s Treasure Hunt I am a subscribed member to the “Forrest Fenn Research Channel”on youtube. This guy is an experienced searcher that has done lots of hunting throughout the years and like me just started examining this Puzzle and Poem to locate this Bronze Chest.

Winter time is here and most hunters are on break until spring so this instructor thought it would be cool to have an online treasure hunt. If you guess his riddle and location thru any means possible maps, internet, Google Earth etc.. you will win REAL SILVER COINS

Spainiard Silver Coin Cobbs which back in the 1700’s they would have a chunk of silver and cut off what they need to buy things and would stamp their logo or symbol upon the coins using the cobbs of silver as currency

Here is the episode of the riddle and my solve which took me about 5 min. He is suppose to be sending me the coins thru the mail ……Stay Tuned: I will show you real pics

Answer: The Two Heart Rivers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Lake Superior


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