Looking 4 a Few Good Men and/or Women (Enter your Resume Here )

I am looking for certain individuals with New Mexico as their poem solve…

Please apply no matter what gender or age (well ..at least 18 yrs. old) …

Even if you think your too old, or handicap, or just busy and can’t get away and become one of the searchers but would like to Join the Team and get a % of the Treasure…

Especially if you know the New Mexico area or have great solves… Please Apply:

Chosen people on the team will all sign a contract so everything is honest and legit and will be put on media like Facebook, and this site.

Daily updates and pics for team members who can’t attend, will also be shown by email so when we do find the chest- we split up the bounty in a fair manner.

And I know your asking how can we have team members who aren’t contributing (actually physically searching) but still get a % of the loot… These people can be “Financiers” if you’ve been on a expedition already hunting for this trove, you know how expensive it can be… lost wages, lodging, food, gear, gas, etc… it can get expensive.

So for a little money to invest in the team they can turn their donation into possibly 100X more… and have ” TITLE TO THE GOLD ”


Here is what I would like to know in your email to determine candidates

Name:_________ Age:___ Gender:___

email:______ Cell#________ Vehicle type if used:________

Where you live now:_________ Job title:__________

Any Schooling? Major?Minor?

Experiences: – enter all that applys

Drone or Rc Gadgets – Hiking – Climbing/Repel – Reading of maps/GPS – Kayaking/Boating

Metal Detecting – Researcher/Historian – Puzzle Solver/Decipherer –

Able to Swim/lifeguard

Military? – please explain

Have you been on any other expeditions with Fenns Treasure or similar?

Do you know the Northern New Mexico Area?

If you can’t Search this trip – Would you like to be a Financier and be part of the Team and get a % of the Trove?

Hobbies – Related Vacations and or Camping Areas you visited that are mentionable?

Other important info you may have or experience or duties such as Mechanic, Electrician, Doctor/Nurse, Conservationist, Hunter etc…?? 

This is an example of the info I would like, please input anything else that may be worthy to mention – I hope to form a Great Team and Solve this Riddle of Fenn’s Treasure

Send your resume to : mail12jason@gmail.com


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