New Mexico-Forrest-Blaze

I started this Blog to find other Searchers or Partners behind the Scenes to be part of the Team that Solves the Puzzle and gives Forrest his Bracelet Back !!!

Use my sample info sheet on the other blog to present your Resume and be chosen to be on  “THE HUNT”

A little about me: I am an everyday guy – in my 40’s- Always been an Adventurer, Traveler – grew up with Goonies and Indiana Jones – love the outdoors but don’t get to be in it as much as I want to due to the everyday stress of life….

My Motto you only live Once and you write your own Memoirs; boring or exciting

I like to hike and fish, but don’t do it every week or month sometimes… My last big hike other than my previous expeditions with the Fenns Treasure was  Climbing Mt. Saint Helens by myself and that was kind of Freaky but Exhilarating at the same time.

I have been on other treasure hunts which has been on the news years back, where a guy wrote childrens books, with poems and drawings in it, and gave hints and clues to expensive custom made insect replica jewelery made of diamonds, sapphires, emaralds, gold,  and rubies etc… hidden throughout the usa in parks and nature areas.

So after hearing of this guy who was a famous Art dealer that hid a Roman Chest filled with Gold… That got my attention.

Earlier this year i went to New Mexico and went to the area that i found unique clues to the location of Home of Brown; and Scoped out the territory within the week i was allowed.  I found interesting data of the lay of the land and terrain, i definitely need to go back  i couldn’t go in a certain area due to rain and a Big Cat on the trail; and on my last day heading to the area we had a blown tire.

While discouraged traveling back home and thinking of the vast territory i realized we need More Eyeballs to find the blaze, My cousin and i isn’t enough people to search in this grand locale – I’d rather split the riches with a dozen or less people than go home empty again…

I have 4 areas that fit the poem all in the same location i am sure it is in one of them but we need searchers to track this blaze.. Fenn said so himself, he knows people was within 200 feet and never found it –

And i think i know where and don’t want to be another person walking by it. 

So Saddle up… Lets make History !!!





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